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I’ve completed approximately 10,000 pieces for clients worldwide on a diverse list of topics. The following list is merely indicative of the topics I cover; please contact me to discuss your specific needs.

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My ghostwritten content has appeared on numerous major websites worldwide, including the Huffington Post, the Daily Beast, Digital Journal and

My byline work includes Photo and Videography, Ember Magazine, Ranker and Bloody Disgusting. My articles for Ranker have accumulated almost 2.6 million views since mid-July 2017.

I write according to AP style guidelines, which means no Oxford comma (unless requested).  I’ve maintained a 5-star (top) author rating on a major content mill site since 2013.


Massage Therapy/Health and Wellness

Pop Culture/Horror Movie Listicle

Senior Care/Men’s Health (Ghostwritten)



Writing projects start at 15 cents per word. There may be a premium for rush content or projects that require an extraordinary amount of research.

Proofreading and beta reading services start at $25 per hour.

Editing services start at $50 per hour. A discount will be given for minor editing work that’s closer to a proofreading project.

All work must be paid for within seven days of completion via PayPal (unless alternate arrangements are agreed to in advance). A retainer equal to half the estimated project total is required from new clients. A contract will be used to protect both parties.

To begin, contact me with details regarding your project, including an estimated word count and your desired time frame for completion. I will respond with a quote within 24 hours. If you don’t hear back within 24 hours, please assume that your message was eaten by the Internet and send a new request. Thank you!


Photo by Raúl Hernández González (CC BY 2.0)

Horror Writing, Photography and Horror Fiction by April A. Taylor

Welcome to Creepy Words, the online home of horror writer and photographer April A. Taylor. I’m currently in the process of finalizing my debut novel, The Haunting of Cabin Green, which is a psychological horror story and paranormal thriller.

My non-fiction horror writing has been featured by many sites, including Ranker’s Graveyard Shift and Bloody Disgusting. Over at Ranker, I’ve amassed more than 3.4 million views since mid-July 2017 by crafting original pieces about topics such as children’s horror literature, extreme haunted houses, cryptids, true crime, horror movies and things that are just plain creepy.

My horror and dark art photography has been included in multiple media formats, including several books, magazines and the short horror film CathARTic. In total, my photos have been published and exhibited in more than 100 places worldwide. Numerous pieces are available for licensing for everything from book covers to haunted attraction promotional pieces.

I’ve been providing high quality content writing for websites, magazines, eBooks and white papers since 2010. Although my primary focus is on horror, I have also ghostwritten pieces about almost every topic imaginable for high traffic sites such as Huffington Post.

Do you need a skilled and passionate writer to handle content about horror, Halloween, dark art, haunted attractions, cryptids, urban legends and anything else that’s just plain creepy? Are you in need of an original short horror story for your online or print publication? Contact me today to receive a quote! Be sure to provide details about your project, including an estimated word count and the deadline, so that I can get back to you quickly with a personalized quote.

Looking for more information on my writing and photography background/credits? Click here! You may also wish to check out my full list of writing and photography services.

Featured post

Byline: These 13 Terrifying Children’s Books Will Still Scare You As An Adult

Children’s horror literature is a passion of mine. Some of the best macabre kids books helped introduce me to the world of horror at a young age, and I’ve always remembered them fondly. In fact, I have a huge collection of children’s horror lit that includes books from all over the world. Therefore, it was a natural fit for me to write a piece for Ranker about some of the absolute best books in this specific genre. Check out which ones made the final 13 and be sure to vote up your favorites – there’s no account required to do so!

Are you interested in having similar content for your horror, haunted attraction or Halloween related website? Contact me today for a quote! 

Byline: The Right Way To Celebrate An Authentic Pagan Halloween

Have you ever wondered how the Western World altered the Pagan holiday of Samhain and ended up with modern Halloween? This byline of mine at explores what a traditional Samhain looks like, including a ritual bonfire, costumes, apple bobbing and getting drunk.

Interested in similar content? Be sure to check out my extensive collection of horror and true crime articles! Follow this blog to receive updates about my non-fiction horror pieces, along with news about my upcoming debut novel, The Haunting of Cabin Green. 

Hunt a Killer Brings Horror Subscription Boxes to a New Level 

Horror subscription boxes are a viable way for horror lovers to get a nice variety of items, ranging from toys to t-shirts. Despite this, there’s rarely anything truly exciting in these boxes (aside from a few exclusives and, in one of my personal experiences, the stunning artwork of Lee Howard).

Fortunately, Hunt a Killer offers something that goes well beyond the typical subscription box. Think of this service as being more like a combination of CSI and an escape room that comes with a nice Hannibal Lecter twist.

In a nutshell, each box contains clues that are meant to help you figure out who the killer is and what they’ve done. I’ve received the first two boxes and am pleased to report that they contain lovingly detailed, high quality items that are very engaging.

This subscription service isn’t for everyone. If you need an answer immediately and want every item to have an alternate, real-life practical purpose, you’re out of luck. However, if you enjoy some mystery and want to pour over seemingly innocuous clues as if you were a real homicide detective, then Hunt a Killer should be right up your alley.

I recommend Hunt a Killer for true crime and horror lovers who have the time, patience, energy and money required to commit to a monthly faux murder investigation.

It definitely sucked me in, and I loved going over the clues with my partner-in-crime (solving). If you’re not expecting something flashy, fast and overly obvious, there’s truly a lot to love about Hunt a Killer. Can you catch a killer?

Planned Scream TV Show Reboot a Disservice to Fans 


Many fans were unhappy when MTV first announced plans to create a TV show based on the popular “Scream” series, but the first two seasons were actually surprisingly solid. In fact, the mythology that was woven throughout the initial 23 episodes was intriguing enough that fan reviews on IMDb have averaged a respectable 7.3/10 stars.

One of the main threads that kept people tuned in was the mystery of whether or not Brandon James was really dead. Many guesses were also made about the exact role that Emma’s mother, Maggie Duval, played in the events surrounding the murder of several teens 20 years ago.

The Halloween special that aired last year didn’t resolve any of these mysteries. Instead, it made them much more tantalizing, even if most of the rest of that double-length episode could have been skipped.

Now, we have a shortened third season on the horizon. Unfortunately, instead of using the planned six episodes to provide some resolution for the show’s many loose threads, MTV has opted to reboot everything. This means there will be a new city, new teens and, presumably, a new killer.

Reboots, remakes and sequels are a big part of the horror genre. Without them, the “Scream” TV show wouldn’t even exist. Still, it’s a big disservice to the fans to pull the plug on everything that was set up during the first two seasons in order to start all over again somewhere else.

MTV may not have been getting the ratings they wanted, but “Scream” has been doing well on Netflix. With a little more faith in their product, MTV could be producing the satisfying conclusion that fans were looking for. Sadly, it sounds like we might never find out what really happened to Brandon James.

Are you looking for a horror content writer for your horror site or haunted attraction blog? Contact me for details! 

Haunted Attraction Press Release Sample: Shipwreck TerrorFest 2008

This is a press release/marketing piece that I created for Shipwreck TerrorFest in 2008. 

You are cordially invited to join the ghosts of history at the 14th Annual Halloween TerrorFest: Shipwreck ’08. This uniquely terrifying haunted attraction is hosted aboard the historically significant RMS Queen Mary, an impressive ocean liner moored in Long Beach, which sailed from 1936-1967 and is a Titanic look-alike.

With a staff of more than 500 living souls, and countless dead ones, the eight haunted mazes will introduce you to new levels of fear. Once you’re done with the haunts, stick around for live music, a dance party and the chance to meet our very own Mistress of Fright!

The truly brave can also spend the night on-board. Be sure to book your room now as they are filling up fast. Everything except for the hotel room can be yours for the shockingly low price of $34.

Shipwreck ’08 opens its doors on October 3 and will be ready to terrify you every Friday, Saturday and Sunday until November 1. The haunts will be open on Friday and Saturday from 7 p.m. until midnight and on Sundays from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m. For more information, visit or call (562)-435-3511. Tickets are available on site or via

Shipwreck ’08: This one’s got it all; the creepiest ambiance, an experienced crew and the very real possibility that you’ll run into an actual ghost. Are you brave enough to board?

Are you looking for written content for your haunted attraction or horror site? I offer original blog posts, editorials, press releases, marketing blurbs, haunt background story creation and more! Contact me for more information. 

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