Byline: These 13 Terrifying Children’s Books Will Still Scare You As An Adult

Children’s horror literature is a passion of mine. Some of the best macabre kids books helped introduce me to the world of horror at a young age, and I’ve always remembered them fondly. In fact, I have a huge collection of children’s horror lit that includes books from all over the world. Therefore, it was a natural fit for me to write a piece for Ranker about some of the absolute best books in this specific genre. Check out which ones made the final 13 and be sure to vote up your favorites – there’s no account required to do so!

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Byline: The Right Way To Celebrate An Authentic Pagan Halloween

Have you ever wondered how the Western World altered the Pagan holiday of Samhain and ended up with modern Halloween? This byline of mine at explores what a traditional Samhain looks like, including a ritual bonfire, costumes, apple bobbing and getting drunk.

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Planned Scream TV Show Reboot a Disservice to Fans 


Many fans were unhappy when MTV first announced plans to create a TV show based on the popular “Scream” series, but the first two seasons were actually surprisingly solid. In fact, the mythology that was woven throughout the initial 23 episodes was intriguing enough that fan reviews on IMDb have averaged a respectable 7.3/10 stars.

One of the main threads that kept people tuned in was the mystery of whether or not Brandon James was really dead. Many guesses were also made about the exact role that Emma’s mother, Maggie Duval, played in the events surrounding the murder of several teens 20 years ago.

The Halloween special that aired last year didn’t resolve any of these mysteries. Instead, it made them much more tantalizing, even if most of the rest of that double-length episode could have been skipped.

Now, we have a shortened third season on the horizon. Unfortunately, instead of using the planned six episodes to provide some resolution for the show’s many loose threads, MTV has opted to reboot everything. This means there will be a new city, new teens and, presumably, a new killer.

Reboots, remakes and sequels are a big part of the horror genre. Without them, the “Scream” TV show wouldn’t even exist. Still, it’s a big disservice to the fans to pull the plug on everything that was set up during the first two seasons in order to start all over again somewhere else.

MTV may not have been getting the ratings they wanted, but “Scream” has been doing well on Netflix. With a little more faith in their product, MTV could be producing the satisfying conclusion that fans were looking for. Sadly, it sounds like we might never find out what really happened to Brandon James.

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Recent Byline: Bloody

Bloody Disgusting recently ran an editorial by me entitled 10 Most Important Horror Movies Directed by Women. Some of the movies discussed include Pet Sematary, Near Dark and The Babadook. Be sure to check it out!

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